Staff at the hotel Villa Marsili Cortona, will be happy to propose and organize cultural and gastronomic itineraries, to travel and to know the most beautiful parts of our territory.

Cortona, one of the most popular tourist spots among the Tuscan cities, is located in an ideal location, on the crossroads between Tuscany and Umbria, beautiful area rich in gastronomy and food specialties, history and art, iconic streets and museums. The staff of Villa Marsili Cortona will be pleasure to organize itineraries through some of the most scenic areas of Tuscany, to discover wine and food itineraries, cultural events and spots.

Concierge services

Hotel Villa Marsili has 24-hour reception, concierge services are offered through a support of experts able to meet the new needs of customers. Management of transport to airports or stations, guided tours, museum reservations, wine tasting, booking dinners, spa packages, weddings or special occasions, are all services that the staff of the Hotel Villa Marsili can follow your behalf.

Hotel Villa Marsili Cortona concierge services provide and excellent customer support, our staff will satisfy the wants and needs of today's guests.

A precious help avoid the guest waste valuable time in managing your days in Cortona and surroundings. Transport and travel to airports and railway stations, guided tours, museum tickets booking, wine and food tastings, restaurant reservations, health and wellness packet, weddings and special events, all services the staff of Hotel Villa Marsili will provide in your stay in Cortona. Other services and facilities include 24-hour reception desk, night porter, luggage storage.

Etruscan itineraries, Cortona guided tours

In the territory of Cortona you can appreciate the remains of the city of the Etruscan period with the main works consist of the massive walls, the door mullion, and a series of underground facilities (the vaulted arch of Palazzo Cerulli Diligent, the barrel vault Via Guelfa, the Etruscan wall of Palazzo Casali). The Roman period can be seen the remains of earthenware consists of pipelines at Montanina gate, and from the tank of "Bagni di Bacco" next to the church of St. Anthony.

Remains from the Etruscan era can be appreciated in the city of Cortona, with the principle works consisting of the massive walls, double lancet doors, and a series of underground structures (the vaulted arch of the Palazzo Cerulli Diligenti, the barrel vault of Via Guelfa and the Etruscan wall of Palazzo Casali). From the Roman period you can observe the remains of the acqueduct, made of eathenware pipes at Porta Montanina, and from the water tank of the “Bagni di Bacco” next to the church of S. Antonio.

Outside, dominating the plain, the “meloni”, archaic etruscan mounds: one at Camucia and two in the locality of Sodo. Between these, the Tumulo II del Sodo stands out, with its spectacular terrace steps decorated with groups of sculptures and architectural elements in oriental style.

All of the monuments, which are separated by some kilometres, are widely described inside the Museo Dell'Accademia Etrusca e Della Citta di Cortona (MAEC), which also serves as a documentation centre for the archeological park, and as a welcoming reference and guidance service point for visitors.

Cooking Courses

Cooking lessons for individuals or small groups in an engaging and fun to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine and especially the Tuscan tradition. Learn to cook with ease, the cooking classes that Hotel Villa Marsili in Cortona organizes for customers can be tailored to needs and interests, and on request, you can visit the market for the choice of raw materials.

Private, or in small groups Italian cooking courses are an engaging and fun way to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine. Learn cooking easily, Hotel Villa Marsili will manage cooking classes customized according to the customer's needs and interests. Courses for all tastes and for all requirements, including a visit to the market and the selection of ingredients. A fun experience in a simple and natural setting.

Shopping e Outlet

The famous outlet The Mall, Prada, Barberino Designer Outlet Village Valdichiana Outlet Florence: shopping malls are all within easy reach of fashion, from Cortona and the Villa Marsili, to spend a pleasant day in the shops under the brand names of the most famous fashion houses . And if you need a personal shopper for special purchases, ask the staff of Villa Marsili.

The famous outlets, The Mall, Prada, Barberino Designer Outlet Firenze and Outlet Village Valdichiana: easy to reach,from Cortona and Hotel Villa Marsili, where you can buy the best designer labels, and spend a lovely day in the italian fashion outlets and designer shops. If you need a personal shopper, ask us!

Horse riding, mountain bike, trekking, golf

For sports then the choice is enriched in moments dedicated to horses in stables for horseback riding or hiking, trekking and mountain biking. Other sports you can practice in Cortona is golf at the Golf Club Valdichiana.

It's easy here in Cortona and surroundings take advantage of the beautiful Tuscan countryside, rich of itineraries and beauties, history and culture.

Sport lovers can spend their time in riding stables for equitation or walking, trekking and mountain biking. Other sports our guest can practice is golf, nearby Cortona, at Golf Club Valdichiana, located in the middle of Valdichiana, this golf course is ideal to reach thanks to Highway connection Valdichiana Bettolle and the Siena - Perugia State Road.

The golf courses is composed by 9 hole, about 20 hectares of park, it is open 7 days a week. Courses for all levels, the equipment is provided by the club.

Wine and typical food tasting

Tuscany is famous for its wines which can be tasted in the most beautiful local farms. The ancient castles, the wine cellars and vineyards, wine production and enjoy a good glass of wine! Tuscany also also boasts fine cheeses, products from small companies, local, and charcuterie (finocchiona), meat, bread, cakes for all tastes. We organize for you wine tours in the places where to buy the best products from the Tuscan tradition.

Tuscany is famous for its wines, and so why not enjoy a tasting in the most beautiful local wineries? Visit the old castles, their cellars and vineyards, and taste their products! In Tuscany we also have very good cheeses produced by very small local companies, still as good as 200 years ago... delicious! Salami (finocchiona), meat, desserts. We can organise gastronomic tours in places where you can buy the best of our products (and vacuum packed to allow you to take home with you).

Operas, ballets and concerts

Teatro Signorelli, located in the square, was designed by Carlo Gatteschi in 1854 and is home for over a century and a half of major cultural events and performances. Each year the theater season hosts important players in the Italian, including comedians and renowned directors. The activity of the Teatro Signorelli has always been intense, and in keeping quality; for many years he has been active as a cinema, cafe and conference room.

Teatro Signorelli, located at the same Square was build by Carlo Gatteschi in 1854, more than a century is seat of the main cultural events and performances. Each year the theater season hosts important characters and actors of the italian comedy, including successful showmen and filmmakers. Its activity has always been intense and of quality; for many years the theatre has also been used as a cinema, cafè and conference room.


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