The Origins

At the beginning of the XIVth century, the Chiesa della Madonna degli Alemanni, a very ancient church with an underneath oratory, was standing on the very spot of the hotel. The church was on the present hall floor, while the oratory was on the lower floor. The two structures were connected by a staircase which is still linking the two floors.

In the origin, the church was a place of cult and devotion: people went there to worship a miraculous simulacrum representing the Virgin's bust with the Child (Madonna della Manna). It is a XIVth century terracotta which is actually on display in the Duomo di Cortona. The church was decorated with remarkable works of art; besides the above mentioned terracotta, there was a big picture representing Our Lady of the Assumption. This painting, which was attributed to Andrea del Sarto, is now stored in the choir of the Duomo di Cortona. There was also a wooden crucifix, by F. Fabbrucci, with its finely carved case which is today housed in the Chiesa dello Spirito Santo in Cortona. The cult of the Madonna degli Alemanni was so widespread and deeply felt that the church proved to be too narrow to host its devotees.

The church was thus knocked down in 1730 and a new, bigger one was erected in its stead. It was decorated with stuccoes and frescoes whose main remains is a Madonna with S. Andrea Avellino, by the artist F. Fabbrucci from Corstona (XVIIIth century). Among the original church's remains, two gothic capitals and two frescoes are particularly worth mentioning. They are now housed in the Istituto delle Suore Serve di Maria Riparatrici, in Via G. Severini, just opposite the hotel. The first fresco, from Bartolomeo della Gatta's school (XVth century), where the Virgin with the Child is painted on a tile just in front of an oak, is generally known as "Madonna della Quercia" (The Oak's Virgin).

The second fresco, whose author is still unknown, represents Giobbe and is dated 1504. On the 8th of October 1741, a solemn ceremony took place in the Duomo di Cortona to pay homage to the image of the Madonna degli Alemanni and the Child. Later on, the demolition of many small churches was ordered by the Archduke Leopoldo di Toscana. The church of the Madonna degli Alemanni was thus knocked down in 1786. In its stead, a gentleman's residence was built (Villa Marsili) looking about the same as the present hotel.

The site where today stands the Hotel, at the beginning of the fourteenth century., Below an ancient church with oratory, called the Madonna of the Germans. Hall was located on the floor of the church, while the oratory was on the lower floor, connected by a staircase that still connects the two floors. The upper part was enriched by works of 'art conspicuous; In fact, besides the above mentioned terracotta, there was a large painting of the Assumption, attributed to Andrea del Sarto, painting that is now in the choir of the Cathedral of Cortona.

The Hotel

Hotel Villa Marsili positions allows you to taste the Tuscany that you have always dreamed of.

Hotel Villa Marsili Cortona welcomes you to its rooms and marvellous bedrooms and suites, where the love and care of the owners are breathed in every detail, from the frescoed walls to the warm lights of the abatjour, from the bedrooms and suites which are all different, to our fantastic breakfasts, and then the warm welcome, the attentive service, an intimate and warm atmosphere, a detailed and attentive equilibrium; allow yourself to be embraced, it will be your home. The bedrooms, aimed to combine comfort and elegance, are spacious, bright, furnished with taste and all overlook the valley.

The Hotel Villa Marsili in Cortona, is characterized by antique furniture, fabrics and curtains, the warm tones of the frescoed walls, all confer a discreet luxury which matches perfectly with efficiency and modernity, not omitting comfort and the aesthetics.

The up to date electrical system, carefully hidden during the planning process, makes the difference. In the Hotel Villa Marsili Cortona you can live the atmosphere of the past with your tablet in hand, with high speed wi-fi internet connection, even from the garden if you wish, to keep in contact with friends, family and work. The panoramic position will amaze you. You can enjoy spectacular sunsets and emotions of the Val di Chiana, with its velvet colours, the thousands of shades of green in the distance which take you to the horizon of the Sienese hills, and embrace with a glance this land of wonders, full of history, perfume, unique tastes and authenticity.

Perfectly restored, good position for the center of Cortona, Hotel Villa Marsili offers hospitality in its rooms and its wonderful rooms, where care and love of the owners can be felt in every detail. The most modern technology, cleverly hidden in the design, make a difference, you can feel the atmosphere of the past with your tablet in hand, the connection speed wi-fi from the garden will allow you, if you wish to keep contacts with your loved ones.


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